Large Size Ball & Roller Bearings

A comprehensive catalog featuring a variety of large rolling bearings designed for steel production equipment, wind power generation systems, civil engineering machinery, and other substantial industrial applications. This comprehensive catalog meticulously details bearings with internal diameters of 100 mm or greater, providing extensive technical specifications and application guidelines.

Inch Series Tapered Roller Bearings

This specialized catalog for tapered roller bearings includes commonly used series, supplementing the products found in the "Ball & Roller Bearings" catalog (CAT.NO.B2001E), with improved content for easier reference. Alongside single-row bearings, this catalog details various double-row tapered roller bearings, including TDI, TDIS, TDIT, TDO, TDOS, and TNA types, providing comprehensive information for diverse applications.

New Ceramic Ball Bearings For Electric Motors

A new ceramic ball bearing with a wide operating temperature range that maintains insulating performance comparable to conventional silicon nitride ceramic ball bearings. It features minimal clearance change due to temperature variations, thanks to its heat expansion properties similar to those of bearing steel, ensuring reliable performance in diverse conditions.

Low-torque Long-life Deep Groove Ball Bearings For Electric Motors

A bearing designed to reduce torque and extend lifespan compared to conventional models by optimizing grease composition, contributing to energy-efficient and maintenance-free motors. This innovation enhances operational reliability in various applications, ensuring sustained performance over extended operational periods.

High Speed Ball Bearing For Ev Motors

This pamphlet presents bearing products designed for high-speed rotation in applications like EV/HEV electric drive motors. By utilizing JTEKT's unique cage design and optimizing the bearing's internal structure, these bearings achieve high-temperature and high-speed performance. Additionally, the bearings offer enhanced quietness.

Motor-use Deep Groove Ball Bearings With Optimized Sound Output

This pamphlet showcases our deep groove ball bearings, designed to minimize noise at frequencies unpleasant to the human ear. This reduction is achieved by optimizing the inner raceway surface using advanced 3D analysis techniques, ensuring quieter operation in diverse applications.

Precision Ball & Roller Bearings For Machine Tools

This pamphlet showcases high-accuracy products, including cylindrical roller bearings for machine tool spindles, angular ball bearings, and bearings supporting ball screws. It offers a technical explanation with selection criteria, installation examples, and usage instructions, along with detailed damage examples for better understanding.

Low-Friction Torque Bearing LFT-Series

JTEKT's LFT-Series low-friction torque bearings use automotive TRB technology for various applications. This pamphlet covers Super-Low Friction Torque Tapered Roller Bearing LFT-IV (TRB-LFT), Low-Friction Torque Ball Bearing (BB-LFT), Low-Friction Torque Hub Unit (HUB-LFT), and Low-Friction Torque Needle Roller Thrust Bearing (NRB-LFT).

JHS Series RZ-type Spherical Roller Bearings

This pamphlet introduces the RZ type spherical roller bearing from the high-performance, next-generation JHS Series. It includes an overview of the JHS Series and details the features and configuration of the RZ type spherical roller bearing. Additionally, it provides insights into the advanced technology and benefits that set the JHS Series apart in the industry.

High-performance Product Series For Steel Production/Rolling Equipment

This pamphlet presents high-performance products (bearings, driveshafts, oil seals) that enhance the stable operation of steel production equipment. It is divided into two sections: one showcasing application examples in the field, and the other introducing individual products.

Cylindrical Roller Bearings for Multi-roll Mill Backup Rolls

This bearing, crucial in multistage cold rolling mills, handles heavy loads from direct contact with the intermediate roll. Fortified with special materials and heat treatment for durability, it ensures reliability. The pamphlet includes JHS210 for longer service life, with handling guidelines and case studies on damage prevention.

Roll neck bearings for rolling mill

This bearing is employed in the roller necks of rolling mills. Alongside a dimensional table, this document provides comprehensive guidance on handling the bearing, including detailed information on application-specific damage. Additionally, it outlines essential maintenance procedures to ensure optimal performance and longevity in demanding industrial settings.

Oil Seal For Steel Production Equipment

This pamphlet introduces oil seals utilized in steel production equipment, focusing on their features and applications in: Rolling mills Continuous casting machines Sintering machine pallet dollies and converters.

JHS Series Hyper Coupling

The hyper coupling serves as a torque limiter (interrupting device) protecting drivelines from heavy loads. This document explains the operational principles of the hyper coupling, highlights its product features, provides usage examples, and introduces its product lineup.

Products for Wind Turbine Generators

This document introduces bearings used in main spindles, step-up gears, and generators of wind power equipment. It also covers oil seals for main spindles, oil pumps, and machine tools in wind power systems.

Product Information for Agricultural and Construction Equipment

This document highlights essential functions for agricultural and construction machinery, showcasing JTEKT's advanced technologies and products, including: Optimal design technology (high-performance tapered roller bearing) Heat treatment technology (KE bearing, SH bearing) Analysis and surface modification technology JHS series spherical roller bearing Propeller shafts, oil seals, and hydraulic equipment

High Wing Series Drive Shafts

This document highlights the drive shafts used in construction machinery and railway cars. It includes technical details on the product lineup, usage instructions, and damage examples, serving as a comprehensive guide for driveshaft selection and maintenance. Additionally, it covers the latest innovations in drive shaft technology, discusses material specifications for enhanced durability, and provides troubleshooting tips for common issues, invaluable for professionals optimizing performance and machinery lifespan.

Bearings for Aerospace Applications

This brochure provides an in-depth introduction to bearings used in aircraft and space applications. It includes a comprehensive table summarizing the specific uses of these bearings across different aircraft models and their operational longevity. This overview is essential for understanding the critical role of bearings in aerospace technology, highlighting their durability, reliability, and optimal performance under demanding operational conditions.

Miniature One-way Clutch

Small one-way clutches find application in clutch mechanisms of OA equipment, ATMs, and various ticket vending machines. The document also includes a section outlining recommended dimensions for polyacetal resin and steel housings.

Traction Drive Unit

The traction drive unit evolved from fundamental bearing technology, serving as the ideal reduction device for achieving highly accurate feed by minimizing uneven rotation, a feat not achievable with traditional gears.

Oil Seal & O-Ring

This catalog presents a range of seal-related products including oil seals, O-rings, and backup rings. It features a technical guide on handling and includes comprehensive dimension charts for easy reference.

Tapered Roller Bearings for axle drive pinions

A comprehensive catalog for third-generation ball bearing hub units, featuring advanced designs tailored for automotive applications. This catalog includes detailed technical information, performance characteristics, and application examples, showcasing innovations in hub unit technology for enhanced durability and reliability in various driving conditions.

Insert Bearing Units

This catalog provides comprehensive information on insert bearing units, covering technical descriptions, selection criteria, and dimensional tables for various types such as pillow block, take-up, cartridge, and ball bearings. It also includes details on stainless-series and "compact" series units, offering a complete resource for understanding and choosing the right insert bearing unit for specific applications.

Ball & Roller Bearings: Failures, Causes and Countermeasures

Even with proper selection, bearings can sometimes fail prematurely due to various factors. We hope the catalog "Ball & Roller Bearings: Failures, Causes, and Countermeasures" will help you understand potential bearing damage, diagnose issues, and guide you in preventing unnecessary system malfunctions, ultimately ensuring longer bearing life and reliability.

Ball & Roller Bearing

A comprehensive catalog for all types of bearings utilized across various fields, including automotive, motorcycles, electric machinery, machine tools, aerospace equipment, OA equipment, and other general industrial machinery.

Needle Roller Bearings (CAT.NO.B2020E-1)

The Needle Roller Bearing Catalog for Europe provides an overview of products available in this region. Due to distribution channels, listed products are sold exclusively here.

Needle Roller Bearings (CAT.NO.BS007EN-0DS)

The Needle Roller Bearing catalog for non-European regions showcases a diverse range of high-quality products tailored for specific market needs.

Drive shafts for steel production/industrial equipment

This pamphlet covers driveshafts for steel production and industrial equipment, including a product lineup, technical data, dimensions, and details on phase adjustment and hyper couplings.

The 3rd generation Ball Hub Units

This catalog details third-generation ball hub units, covering technical specs, design features, performance, installation guidelines, maintenance tips, and latest advancements, highlighting their durability and reliability.

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